Hi I am writing to tell you that my son who is 11 has been taking Sotari for a month now and loves it. He says it definitely stops his cravings for sugar. He has had weight issues for 5 years and we have tried so many things, but they really never worked. This time he is taking Sotari along with a conjunction of others things given by his bariatric doctor and the results are tremendous. He is losing weight but more importantly he is loosing inches and body fat %. He is so excited about this and it is very motivational for him to keep going. It is life changing. He loves the mango flavor of Sotari and it is easy to use as it comes in a packet that u pour into water. It's just fantastic!.
Randi R.
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The Leading Active Trimming Beverage Blend
Trim Fat
Burn Calories
Control Hunger
Enhance Metabolism
Increase Stamina

Before meals. Between meals. With meals. Before or after exercise and workouts.  Whenever you need a healthy alternative to sugar sweetened beverages, fruit drinks, or snacks. Quench your thirst, control your appetite and enhance your metabolism with this all-natural, vitamin-enriched Healthy Beverage designed to help you lose weight. Replace diet sodas with great-tasting Sotari and get moving to a trimmer you. Sotari really works. Take it with you to work, to the gym, in the car and when you travel. Sotari is compact and stores anywhere. Drink something that actually helps you to lose weight. Sotari: the easy, effortless way to help you lose weight.

Tear open.  Add water.  Enjoy. Shake it up in a bottle, or stir it up in a glass. That’s all there is to it - a deliciously effective, Active Trimming Weight Loss Drink Treat – in an instant.

Most water products are passive. They don’t add calories, but they don’t help you lose them either. Sotari is different. It is the first active trimming blend that when mixed with water activates the blend that works with your body to help you lose weight. Sotari contains Natural Hoodia to curb your appetite and several active ingredients that boost metabolism to burn calories. With every refreshing serving, you are helping yourself trim down with this Healthy Diet Beverage. Sotari is safe, non-habit-forming and not a drug. The active ingredients are a scientifically engineered blend of safe nutriceutical ingredients which work together to rev up metabolism while helping to back off your appetite naturally.

It is a powdered Weight Loss Drink blend which is activated by dissolving in water and consumed. The blend is a proprietary mixture of vitamins, minerals, EGCG (green tea extract), caffeine (about the amount in a Diet Cola), and Hoodia Gordonii (aerial, the best and most effective kind). Sotari contains a synergistic blend of ingredients to help power up your metabolism and power down the natural human inclination to consume more calories than needed. Sotari is a tool to help overcome these obstacles to Weight Loss.

When mixed with water, Sotari provides one with active hydration to help reduce their cravings for carbohydrates, sweets, and snacks, with Metabolic Booster and Enhanced Calorie Burning.


Enjoy refreshing Sotari Healthy Diet Beverage – Active Trimming Beverage Blend for a trimmer you…


Mango Peach
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